Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Newest Story

The first thing I want to post in my new blog is a story I wrote today...nothing else...just a story, so here it goes...

Her Worst Punishment
She sat quietly at her desk, writing. She was writing an apology letter as he came in. She didn’t look up, she knew it was him.
            She could tell by his demeanor he was still upset with her. He didn’t come in to give her their usual hug and kiss greeting. Instead he stood in the doorway, arms folded, watching her.
            She wanted to glance up, see his expression, at least then she would know more-or-less of what she was in for. She couldn’t do it, she had misbehaved enough.
            She continued to write…
        I am sorry for the way I have been behaved for the last week. My actions have even disappointed myself. I deserve all of the punishment you decide to give me today. I knew, even before I misbehaved, that it was wrong, but that did not stop me. It has brought you shame and for that I am sorry.
Your girl xoxo
            She placed her hands in her lap, keeping her head down, indicating she was finished. “Come here little one,” was all that was said. It was all it took for her to quickly raise from the chair, to walk over and wrap her arms around him, as he did her. He pulled her close and kissed her forehead.
            He could feel her relax in his arms, until now she had been tense. She knows what is to come but at least now she isn’t as frightened. This is going to be her hardest spanking yet. She has never been this disobedient. He kisses her forehead once more, releasing her from his grip, “It’s time little one.
            He has decided to do things a little different this time. As he sat upon her bed, instead of baring her bottom right away he has decided, since she has so many implements and swats to take because of her behavior he will spare her from starting off right away bare bottomed.
            He has her lay herself across his knee, which she does without a word. He wraps his left arm around her, right hand resting on her bottom as he talks, “Can you tell me why you are here over my knee for a spanking instead of in my arms for a hug?
She moved the hair from her face as she softly answered, “Sir I am getting a spanking because of my behavior.” She left it at that not wanting to say more. “You know that is not the answer I am looking for little one, tell me why.
She sighs as she begins the long explanation of her week. How she broke almost every rule he had given her, refusing to eat and sleep, hurting herself, and even lying to him, trying to hide it all. She could feel his left arm loosen slightly and could tell he was frowning, without even looking at him.
He tightens his grip once more and without a word begins to pepper her jean covered bottom with his hand. Swat after swat reigns down on her tender bottom and so far, for now she is able to take it quietly.
She has hurt herself multiple ways this week and by doing so has hurt him. Just when she thinks he isn’t going to stop, he does, telling her to stand. He takes her by the ear like a naughty little child and leads her to the corner.
He unbuttons her jeans and slides them down, leaving her panties in place, and having her step out of them. He turns her to face the corner planting another firm swat to her bottom before walking off to get the bag of implements.
After ten minutes he calls her back to him. He has her kneel in front of him as he begins his lecture on her safety. She sits there, bottom already stinging, his words tearing at her heart. He cares, someone actually cares.
Back over my lap,” he says with a pat to his knee. She doesn’t stand, and instead, crawls forward, lifting her body onto his lap. He reaches into the bag and pulls out her wooden stir fry spoon, her two rulers and her two paint sticks.
He doesn’t hesitate as he picks up his first choice, the plastic ruler, focusing only on her sit spots. He brings them back to a light pink color, as they were before she stood in the corner and knelt for his lecture.
Setting the plastic ruler down he picks up the single paint stick, focusing now on her cheeks.  She begins to wiggle on his lap and he has to tighten his grip. Her bottom is now an even shade of pink.
Back to the ruler, this time the wooden one, for her sit spots again. She even starts to kick slightly, as her poor tender sit spots are darkened. He is very methodical in his spanking.
The grouped paint sticks are next, which is a pile of three paint sticks taped together. He works the paint sticks over her cheeks harder and harder as she begins to softly cry now.
One last implement for this set, the stir fry spoon. He covers her entire bottom sit spots, cheeks, and every where in between. Her bottom is now on fire.
Having her stand once more he grabs her by the ear again and leads her to the corner. Taking down her panties now and having her step out of them, like her pants. Planting a very solid swat with his hand he walks off again to the bag.
He knows by having her wait in the corner between sets, it makes each set that much more painful. He calls her out and over after another ten minutes. Her crying has stopped, but it will soon begin again.
He doesn’t lecture this time as he brings her immediately back over his lap. Taking from beside him bath brush number one, which is a square slightly larger brush.
He spanks and spanks bringing her bottom to a bright red. She is kicking hard as he picks up the other bath brush, the round more stingy one.
Tears flow freely from her eyes as the round brush pounds into her bottom. She is crying out with each strike. Her breath catching in her throat he knows she must have another break or she will surely hyperventilate.
To the corner for the last time he removes the rest of her clothing. After the ten minutes, instead of calling her over to his lap, he is standing beside her small side table.
Two implements left my dear one, almost over now,” he tries to reassure her. Tears still fall from her eyes as she bends over, placing her hands on the table.
She spreads her legs slightly and arches her back to more present her bottom as he rubs the cool surface of the leather paddle across her aching bottom.
She hears the slap on her bottom before she feels the sting. She wants to stand, wants to rub her bottom and make it better but instead, like a good girl, she stays in position, gripping the sides of the table for support.
Her bottom is now beautifully bright and shining red. One more she tells herself, one more… the cane. He taps it lightly on her bottom as she flinches, “Seven of the best. One for every day this week you did something naughty.
She grips the table tighter as she hears the swish of the cane through the air. She holds her breath. Luckily he does the seven quickly. She wouldn’t be able to handle if he had gone slow.
Her knees buckled on the last swat. He threw the cane down and wrapped her in his arms. She sobbed uncontrollably. He sat in the big rocking chair beside the table and pulled her into his lap.
She curls up just crying, unable to speak. He keeps his arms around her and switches back and forth between rubbing her bottom and rubbing her back. He hums as her breathing slows. He looks down to find her asleep in his lap as he rocks. He smiles keeping her close, content to stay just as they are.